healthcare native advertising og preview - Post Local Ads Backpage

healthcare native advertising og preview - Post Local Ads Backpage
Tap Native – The basics of native health advertising around healthcare products and services.

What is Native Advertising in Healthcare?

Health care marketing with native advertising

What is Native Advertising in Healthcare?

Native advertising in healthcare is a burgeoning trend among healthcare marketers engaging in content-based marketing. Marketers from hospitals and health systems, pharmaceutical, medical device and elective procedure providers, are all benefitting from native content marketing. Local market including selective services such as dentistry, Lasik and plastic surgery are creating larger sales funnels through targeted lead generation using native advertising.

Typically featured within the content sections of a website, rather than the top of the page or the right rail outside of content, content marketing through native advertising is typically performance based (the advertiser pays only when someone clicks their ad and has a far higher click through rate than banner advertising.) Content syndication at scale is an ideal way to get prospects into your sales funnel. Native advertising is about delivering content of value. This content marketing typically leads users to interesting information which is directly related to a product or service, or indirectly related as a strategy to cross promote other core products or services. Local hospitals, for example, are investing heavily in the creation of meaningful content portals where they can drive patients.

health related words word cloud

The 15 most readable and sharable health topics are:

  1. 1. Blood pressure
  2. 2. Blood sugar
  3. 3. Brain/mental fitness
  4. 4. Children’s health
  5. 5. Diet/weight loss
  6. 6. Diabetes
  7. 7. Drug Topics
  8. 8. Healthy foods
  9. 9. Heart attack/heart disease
  10. 10. Pain management
  11. 11. Recipes
  12. 12. Sleep disorders
  13. 13. Smoking cessation
  14. 14. Stress management
  15. 15. Women’s health

A great example of a hospital that employs these methods is the Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago. You should take a look at their content index here. Their content index is ideal for search optimization purposes, but their blog is really what attracts audiences. A recent article details the top 10 health problems for children in Chicago. Not only is the content relevant to their core services, it’s also timely in terms of being a recent survey and of course it’s regional as well. The use of native advertising in content marketing has an obvious synergy because storytelling in healthcare is more effective than typical display advertising.

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