What is Native Advertising / How Can It Help Your

What is Native Advertising
What is Native Advertising

What is Native Advertising?

In the marketing and advertising world, catchphrases or ‘it words’ are in abundance. The term native advertising is one that has been thrown around a lot lately.  Altimeter Group defines this as “a form of a converged media that combines paid and owned media into a form of commercial messaging that is fully integrated into, and often unique to, any specific delivery platform”. In other words, it’s your advertising that is blending in with the content that is around it.

Owned Media Versus Paid Media

Owned media is defined as ”content that the brand or advertiser controls,“ while paid media is advertising. On Facebook, native advertising takes the form of sponsored stories or Page Post ads, and on Twitter, tweets can be promoted. Unlike display ads online that appear at the top of pages and several other standard formats, native ads appear in the flow of editorial content.

Native Advertising

Native advertising or sponsored content always appears to be clearly labeled in every instance.

For example, any ad in the news feed of Facebook is native advertising, because it is blended in the content. Native advertising can be useful, because these ads seem like less of an advertisement.

To be able to get the most out of your digital advertising, your native ads must be of high quality and well planned, and your advertising agency can help you plan and write quality content.

Why Use Native Advertising?

So why should native advertising form a part of your business marketing strategy? Many businesses will experience the following drawbacks from traditional digital advertising:

  • Banner blindness – no one clicking
  • Fragmented consumer attention
  • Downward price pressure on classic display advertising
  • Eroding email engagement rates

However, you can revamp your digital marketing through native advertising; it is proven that by sharing your content in this form you can reap the following benefits for your business marketing strategies:

  • 49X more clicks generated by Facebook Page Posts
  • 45% less cost than traditional advertising
  • Native ads are much more likely to be shared by respondents
  • Native ads tend more to go viral as a result of being shared
  • It disguises you, making you not look like an advertisement so that you get a high click through rate.

Native advertising comes in many forms to fit your digital marketing plan, including the following:

Social Advertising
“Social:” advertising within the streams that people are consuming (i.e. Facebook advertising)

Related Articles
Theses appear on large websites such as Forbes where businesses will pay the publication to embed a link in the related articles section. This is native advertising at its best, as the brand is allowed to become a part of the content.

Paid Inclusion

Perhaps the most expensive piece of native advertising is paid inclusion, but it works well.
Businesses will pay a publication to write interesting articles about its products while sending traffic to the business by referring to them at the end of the article.

In conclusion, native advertising can help your brand get out to the right people if it is well planned and executed. The benefits are staggering, and there is more than one way to execute your digital advertising through native advertising.

If you would like more information about how you can utilise social media to create native advertising that works for your business. Why not download our free social media checklist by clicking the link below?

native advertising definition

Social Media Checklist by The 360 Degree Marketing Group

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