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Native Advertising

Native ads using Demand side platforms

What is Native advertising?

Ads are scattered everywhere. Each day, millions of ads run in placements that ‘force’ the viewer to either watch an ad or see a banner. This is known as push advertising. 

Native advertising is the opposite. It’s pull advertising and it uses content as the main draw. Users read or watch your ad while actively engaged on their device reading the news, getting an update on the sports game or consuming other in-app or in-browser content online.


It can be bought programmatically through a demand side platform, so the advertiser will pay a CPM of anywhere from $1 CPM – $25 CPM for premium placements. We’ll get on our whiteboard and come up with the best approach for your business.


How much does it cost to run Native ads?

We recommend a media budget of at least $500 to start. Bidding works similarly to SEM and PPC. We can optimize towards various on-site and ad metrics including: CPM, CPC, CPA, CPV and CPE. Native ads run cheaper than most display tactics.

Who should use Native ads?

Brands that are looking to drive down their cost per acquisition, increase awareness of their brand ie. branding and engagement campaigns. You don’t need a creative team to get started either – we will design ads to test, learn and double down on. 

7c6cd7 a9eb40567b764872883362a6801e956a~mv2 - Post Local Ads Backpage



“It’s been great working with Ash on various digital campaigns and executions that ran on StackAdapt. He’s been one of our power users and launched countless campaigns across different verticals and industries, and his ability to provide strategy, coupled with digital expertise, drove results for his clients.”

Ildar Shar, Founder and CEO at Stackadapt

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