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Advertising your online store is practically like advertising any other website or blog. The best way to advertise a store or website that is online is to advertise it online, and there are many ways to do so. Once your website is set-up, you will want to find out where to start advertising and where the most potential conversion will come from.

First, find out how your current market is doing online and where there traffic is coming from. If your market is not really online, good for you! In this case, you will have to think like the customer if they were searching for your product on the web. The first most popular way to use this technique is by using the search engines.

Ranking the search engines should be the main goal for any online store, but since this takes time, you will need to improvise until you get there. Find out what consumers in your market would type into the search engines if they were to look for your product. Use the Google keyword tool to find out how many people type such keywords in and start focusing on implementing those keywords within your online store, also known as on-site search engine optimization.

Next step would be to determine if your online store is suitable for the social media market. Social media is right next to search engines in marketing and should be approached cautiously, there are many mistakes you can do in both markets. Find out if your business has a catchy motto. An LED lighting company could have “Go Green” or a Door and Window Company could have “Home Improvement”. Start groups and fan pages on Twitter and Facebook and allow visitors to access these pages easily from the first page of your store. This way you don’t necessary loose the traffic, should they not purchase instantly.

After implementing these two methods, you can approach the online paid advertising methods. There are many ways to advertise online, so you want to be very cautious where to do this, since you can loose money very easily.

The first most recommended method is Google AdWords. You pick out the keywords you think consumers in your market may type in and create an advertisement they will see. You only pay when a person clicks that ad, which is pretty safe as long as you don’t pay over $2 a click.

The same service is offered by Yahoo and Bing, so if you find this method to be successful, you can start the same campaigns for your online store on the other search engines.

Many other websites have different advertising options, like PPC or one-time fees for a banner placement. It is important to identify where your online store will get the most potential traffic, so a lot of research must be done before going for private websites.

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