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You’ve worked hard to build your business from the ground up, and as any successful entrepreneur will tell you brand promotion is everything. Not only do high-quality promotions build a sense of trust with your potential customers, but they can also be a way to reward current clients and create strong brand awareness.

You may also be aware that brand promotion can be incredibly expensive and take a considerable chunk out of your business funds. However, with some clever thinking and some strong marketing ideas, you can get the results you want without the hefty price tag. Read on for how to effortlessly promote your business.

High-quality promotional products

Promotional products like the ones you’ll find here at payless promotions are ideal for those who are looking to make a strong impression with their current clientele and catch the attention of potential customers. From simple yet effective products like branded pens and keychains to printed tote bags, water bottles, mugs, even branded umbrellas, stationery, and beer and wine glasses. These kinds of products help to create a strong recognition with your brand and the public as well as engaging your employees and new customers.

Social media is key

Being active on social media is key to gaining a following and building trust and familiarity with your brand. Strong content and promotional messages will help consumers make a connection between what they need and your brand. You can create targeted ads that will specifically reach your chosen demographic, encourage your followers to like, react and share your content, as well as using a strong mixture of video and photographic content.

Bonus tip: Running contests on your social media accounts are a simple, yet effective way to build brand awareness and help potential clients find your pages.

Influencer marketing

The world of social media is bursting with “influencers”. And it’s these people who could help you tap into a huge amount of new business and create brand awareness with some simple product promotion. If you’d like to work with certain influencers who would complement your industry, then reach out to their management via their social media accounts.


Who doesn’t love a freebie? If you’re heading to a local event, a festival or even a trade show, then consider having some promotional products that you can give away for free. Giving away free stuff instantly makes you more of an approachable company and helps to build trust. It’s a simple way to get your products into people’s homes with minimal effort.

Our conclusion

Your budget will probably determine which products and methods your business promotions will use. However, as profits grow you shouldn’t stop there. Brand promotion should be constantly running in the background of your business.

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