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Written by: Neil Kokemuller

Written on: February 04, 2019

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Advertising your business on your car can lead to increased sales and exposure, as your car essentially becomes a moving hoarding. There are a few different methods that can be used to advertise your business including window stickers, removable magnets and wraps.

The correct choice for you will depend on your budget and if you would like the advertisements to be removable or permanent.

Set your budget. Window stickers and magnets are much less expensive than wrapping the entire vehicle, although they do not attract as much attention. Wrapping a small car or SUV will cost approximately £1,300 to £1,950, while window stickers and magnets start at under £65, depending on size, colour and shape.

Decide how permanent you would like the advertisement to be. Window stickers and wraps are not designed to be removed, while magnetic advertisements can be removed and replaced at any time.

Decide the placement of the advertisement. The rear of the vehicle is a very popular choice as vehicles travelling behind you will be exposed to the advertisement and it will be easy to read. Magnetic signs will typically be placed on the side of the vehicle, as the rear will often not provide a large enough surface for the magnet to cling. If wrapping the vehicle, decide on where you would like important information to be placed. Often, this information is placed on all four sides of a wrapped vehicle.

Determine the most important information to display to a potential customer. Only place vital information — business name or industry, telephone number and website, for example — on the advertisement. Keep in mind that viewers will typically be in their vehicles and will not have a pen and paper accessible, so the information must be easy to remember. If you are a distributor for a larger company, such as Avon, avoid including a lengthy website for your online store. Instead, establish a new, easy to remember website that redirects to your website. For example, use “” rather than “” Consider using a vanity phone number like 555-555-Mary to allow potential customers to easily remember your phone number without having to write it down.

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