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Wood hill preschool is a fully registered institute with all the relevant departments; we follow an internationally aligned early childhood education curriculum.

Our curriculum meets all the expectations and requirements set in the draft South African National Curriculum Framework for children from Birth to four, but are specifically enriched in the areas of Language, Mathematical, art and Gross Motor development.

Our curriculum is researched-based and continuously updated to ensure relevance for early year learning today.  We embrace the principles of brain-based learning, multiple-intelligences and concrete learning through play.

Our curriculum is an agreed framework through which knowledge is gained, skills are developed, and experience is widened.

Realising potential – Accurate assessment is the key to individual progress.  In order to set appropriate challenges, our teachers must be able to make informed judgements about a child’s potential, based on clear understanding of what that child knows and can do.  It is particularly important that children themselves reflect upon their successes and their difficulties.

Developing the whole person – Educating the whole child means thinking about each child as a human being in full, and not limiting the scope of education or care only to a narrow focus on core learning or developmental areas.  The quality of a child’s spiritual, social, moral, and cultural education depends upon the quality of the relationships between educators / care-givers and children, and among children themselves.  Sensitive issues are considered in a balanced and responsible manner, and in an atmosphere of open-mindedness and mutual respect.

Within the wider community – A good school relates to and makes use of the wider community of which it is a part.  We take and make opportunities to reach out into our community, and to encourage the regular involvement of groups and individuals in relating the curriculum to other aspects of children’s lives, and broadening their social experience.

As wood hill preschool`s principals we acknowledge the follow:-

1) PLAY, this is an important role/basic necessity in the upbringing of our children, wood hill ensures that our children have a variety of very safe play areas, swings, indoor play areas together with trained personnel to help them utilise our tools safely

2)PROPER FEEDING, as we aware that a proper balanced diet is essential to the proper growth of our babies, wood hill ensures a proper balanced diet feed to our babies  throughout the week, for more information about the menu please visit out premises for information or contact us.

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