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Mental Shifts Therapy and Counseling in Las Vegas, NV - Post Local Ads

Mental Shifts Therapy and Counseling in Las Vegas, NV - Post Local AdsFed Up. Disappointed. Defeated.

Do these words describe you?

Your lack of progress is overwhelming. Want to just throw in the towel? Sometimes it may even feel tempting to lean into this “forever alone” thing.

You are not all the “bad” things you let yourself believe you are: “Toxically single,” “Messed up,” or “Incapable of love.” There is a lot of hope still. I can help.

Lonely. Confused. More Guarded than ever?

Often, when people go through difficult relationships (or attempts at relationships), they start to adjust who they are to feel safer and more secure. The walls you put up to protect you also keep out the good things you crave.

Together, we can get you back to allowing your authentic self to show up and make those connections again.

Mental Shifts Therapy and Counseling in Las Vegas, NV - Post Local AdsThis moment you are right where you are meant to be.

Relationships embody every aspect of our lives. I see the entire world through relationships and can help you navigate what’s making you feel so discouraged.

When you work with me, I will help you explore your past experiences and really focus on what about them is limiting you currently. I will also help you realize how your current view of yourself may be keeping you from progressing. I can help you heal from what’s been holding you back from your success.

It’s time to have the fulfilling relationship you crave. Let’s start on this journey together today. Call me at 702-856-4711 or shoot me an email to jaredgrant@mentalshifts.com.

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