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ways to market your business

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1. Post an ad on Craigslist.

2. Pass out flyers at your local mall.

3. Place your biz cards under windshield wipers at your local Walmart.

4. Pass out business ‘buttons’ to everyone you meet.

5. Hand out pens to people you meet.

6. Create simple welcome gifts to give to newcomers with your business info enclosed.

7. Ask to leave business cards or flyers in some of your local area businesses. (Make sure their services compliment yours!)

8. Stamp all envelopes you mail out with your own personalized business stamp.

9. Likewise include a business card inside ALL outgoing mail.

10. Rent a booth at local events to showcase your business and/or products.

11. Post flyers on the message boards at local colleges and trade schools.

12. Slip a business card into relevant books at your local book store.  (Don’t over-do this one!)

13. Likewise, ask the local library if you can create bookmarks to slip inside some of the books there.

14. When you receive junk mail… give the sender a dose of their own medicine! Use the postage paid envelope to mail your own flyer back to them.

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15. Slip a biz card, postcard, or flyer under the wipers of cars at your church.

16. Consider passing out magnetized biz cards… they are more ‘sticky’ than your typical biz card.

17. Purchase a car magnet for your car… they generally aren’t ridiculously expensive and can last awhile.

18. Additionally you can choose to get a vinyl sticker for your back windshield to advertise with.

19. Leave business cards on the bathroom counters of local diners.

20. See if you have a local area ‘Welcome Wagon’ type group and ask if you can contribute samples and promo materials to the welcome gift.

21. Join your local Chamber of Commerce… this can be a great way to network and make valuable contacts.

22. Visit local daycare centers and pre-schools… ask if you can leave business cards or flyers in the lobby.

23. Likewise with rental agencies, real estate offices, and leasing offices.  Offer the office members a special gift or discount for allowing you to advertise with them.

24. Use snack bags and create mini ‘promo’ packages. Include your biz card, a mini flyer, a goody such as candy or a pen, and hand them out wherever you go.

25. Rent a booth as school events and take the opportunity to showcase your business to other parents.

26. Give friends and family members a small incentive to pass out your business cards for you throughout their daily ritual.

27. Leave your business card when you tip your waitress.

28. Donate a product or service to your local radio stations… they always hold giveaways and are always looking for new sponsors.

29. Consider placing an ad in those Free Renters Guides and Home Owners Guides.

30. Attend networking events and meet ups in your local area.  You will be amazed at the new and profitable contacts you can make.

31. Finally… don’t neglect the power of word of mouth.  Tell people about your business and ask them to tell others.  Hold a contest or offer some sort of incentive to prod them along.

Bonus Idea

Go a little guerrilla!


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