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If you are a business owner nowadays, it’s impossible not to have a company website.

In fact, business websites have already been around for decades, but only in the last years have we started seeing them more like the highly-effective lead generation tools they should be. 

But, before getting leads and converting them into customers, you’ll need to attain another major objective: attracting traffic to your website.

You should intensively promote your website online, but here comes another challenge:

How do I promote my website online for free?

We have compiled a list of 21 proven methods for attracting more awareness and traffic to your website. Feel free to put them into practice.

How to Promote Your Website Online for FREE

1. Directory listings

There are numerous services allowing you to list your business and its website at zero costs. Because your website link is included in these listings, potential customers will easily reach you online. The best-known business listing sites are Yellow Pages, Google My Business, Yelp for Business Owners, and Yahoo Local.

2. Social Media

Social media should represent a major component of your online marketing strategy. One of the first benefits you’ll enjoy by getting a Twitter username or Facebook page is listing your website for free. Anyone interested in your business can simply check your company information and get your website URL.

:0 - Post Local Ads Backpage

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3. Commenting on blogs and forums

Marketing experts recommend small businesses to allocate half an hour each week to comment on industry blogs and forums. You can include the link to your website in your comment or in your signature. Make sure your comments are not spammy or overly-promotional, though.

4. Email signature

Often overlooked, this method is very effective when it comes to attracting website on your traffic. Once you have established one-to-one communication with someone via email, chances are they’ll check your website, especially when you use a specialized app to develop your signature.

5. Press releases

Reaching the main media outlets through press releases is difficult to attain by small businesses, but this is not your first purpose. By submitting press releases to websites such as Free Press Release or PR.com you will benefit from a free and easy way of generating backlinks.

6. Social media bookmarking

Services such as StumbleUpon or Digg help their users explore, discover and bookmark websites based on their interests. What business owners need to do is submit their websites to these platforms and take advantage of yet another opportunity to create a backlink for free.

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