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We’ve all been there, wondering how to get more clients for our cleaning business. And while being referred to or running a few ads seems simple, it is not that simple in reality. Getting more cleaning clients (especially the ones that pay more) is one of the riddles that keeps cleaning businesses confused — and wondering what the best approach is.

The truth is…

One of the biggest issues with getting more clients is not actually getting them — but keeping them or ‘converting’ them into the customer stage as quickly as they get to know your brand. Therefore, it is essential for every cleaning owner to understand that marketing is an ongoing function that needs to be happening all the time. In other words, every successful cleaning service business must continuously focus on getting new clients instead of seeing this technique as a one-time job every once in a while.

In order to help you get more clients for your cleaning business, we are listing our list of tips.

1. Build an email list

Email marketing is not dead. In fact, it won’t be as long as people are opening their emails. From big commercial clients to regular homeowners, almost everyone opens their email daily. The thing you need to do is to be valuable and relevant enough to ‘sneak’ inside their email list.

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Now, the best way to do that is to offer them a free incentive such as a discount, free ebook or a nice infographic in exchange for their email address. That way, you will offer value and get something in return — a list full of emails you can regularly send updates to.

2. Postal mail campaign

Offline marketing should also be part of your marketing strategy. As outdated as it may sound, offline marketing campaigns like postal mailing actually work, especially locally — and may get you a nice first impression to a potentially interested client.

Sending out nice banners, flyers or any type of promotional content (even infographics with attractive titles may work) will ensure that you got their attention — and are only waiting for their call.

3. Paid advertising

The digital world has turned to paid advertising nowadays. Popular websites are charging for a mention, and the same goes with media outlets publishing press releases. Believe it or not, paid advertising has shown great results over the past few years. Cleaning businesses are eager to even pay per lead and show them what they got.

On top of that, paid advertising is easier and more targeted than ever. If you are advertising on Google, for example, all you need to do is focus on certain local keywords, there’s software that can help with that. On the other hand, advertising on Facebook can be done by filtering different interests and demographics that fits your ‘ideal’ customer.

4. Display advertising

Even though they are another form of offline advertising, it doesn’t mean those display ads are dead. The only trick with them nowadays is their relevancy. For example, you should run display ads in places where your customers can actually notice your advertisement and consider it.

For cleaning businesses, this means posting display ads next to laundry services, washing tools, detergents etc. Instead of going with random ads next to food shops, coffee shops, bars etc.

5. Local promotions

Another great form of advertising for your cleaning business is local promotions. Assuming you are serving a specific area, offering them an incentive like a discount for every local in that area can show some serious results.

Plus, it will build your authority in your local area and make sure that every potential customer notices you.

6. Irresistible offers and bonuses

Crafting irresistible offers with bonuses is a psychological marketing strategy that has worked for many cleaning businesses so far. The trick is to offer a bonus and make the price irresistible. For example, a carpet cleaning service with a bonus window washing can be a great deal in autumn just before the cold days kick in.

The key here is to make most of the needs of your audience and adapt to them, following the season and deeply investigating the trends.

7. Recurring jobs

A lot of successful cleaning business owners will agree that the true art of growing your cleaning business lies in recurring jobs. Selling your cleaning services on a retainer basis is what will help you establish solid cash flow and always know that there will be work.

But what is the best way to ‘hook’ your customers into being recurring ones?

It’s simple — all you need is to ask for their email address or phone number — or offer an irresistible discount if they consider using your service for 3-months, 6-months or 1-year straight. Only that way, they won’t see your services as a one-time job. There is software that can help you organize all of that.

8. Referrals

After every finished job, you can ask your customers for any potential referrals. If you don’t want to be so aggressive with this method, you can use a cleaning service software, such as Genio, where your customers can log in through a simple link and refer your company.

9. Strategic alliances

If you are specialized in only one area of cleaning — and know a company that is an expert in another — a great way for you to both grow is form a strategic alliance. For example, a residential cleaning company partnering with a car washing company can run promotions like ‘Complete Autumn Cleaning For Your Home & Car’ an ally in order to capture the interest and up-sell their clients. It’s a win-win strategy for both businesses and clients.

10. Online Reviews

If you want your cleaning business to get noticed online, the best way is to ask for as many online reviews as possible. You can even give discounts to your recurring or new clients if they are eager to submit a great review for you on Google Places, Yelp or Facebook. Genio software for cleaning companies actually has its own review system built in, which just makes your life easier.

Online reviews are a great thing to build your authority and get noticed in the area. Plus, they make your business more professional in the eyes of the public.

Learn How To Grow Your Cleaning Business (The Smart Way)

Getting more organized and finding new clients is only the first step in growing your cleaning business. For the rest, you need a software platform that is tailored to your schedule, cleaning crew and list of jobs to take and specifically designed for cleaning companies.

OR… in other words, a software platform like Genio. To see what Genio can do for your cleaning business

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