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In my experiences, the best places to post a job ad are free job board sites & social media sites. Here are my most highly recommended free places to post a job ad.

1. State or Local Unemployment and Workforce Commission Office / Website – Here in Texas, the workintexas.com website is a great free resource that allows you to post open positions and search through the database of those looking for a job. Even though there are some details and policies to follow, working with your local unemployment office can really be a great resource.

2. Backpages.com – similar to Craigslist.com but free.

3. Craigslist.com – not always free (depending on the city) to post a job, but there is a section called gigs to post temporary positions for free. In addition, most smaller metroplex areas / cities are free.

4. Bullhorn Reach – so this site allows you to post the first 2 jobs for free. But even with the first two jobs you’ll see why it’s a popular option.

5. Theladders.com – I was surprised to find out that you can actually post (qualified) job ads here for free. It’s a great place to post higher level / paying jobs and get qualified candidates for free.

6. Twitter – we have touched on twitter in the past. If your ready and willing to dive in to the world of twitter and build up your followers, this can be a great resource to get your ads seen.

7. LinkedIn.com (HERE!)- LinkedIn offers paid job ads (which are fantastic, by the way…), but try posting your ad on your on newsfeed and in your groups and see what you get. Most groups have sections specifically for ads. Just remember your ads are only going to reach those you are connected to.

8. Facebook – this too can work. You probably already have a Facebook page, so post ads on your newsfeed. It doesn’t have to be formal but more like a “word of mouth” pass along. Of course, you can get more in-depth with this including groups, pages, paid boosts of your posts. But if your circle of friends is large – start passing the word along.

9. Blogging – several free sites allow you to start a blog, and who says your ads can’t be a blog entry? Tublr, blogger, wordpress…they are all free and can point back to your main website (SEO tip).

10. SmartRecruiter.com – so I ended with this one because it’s a very unique site. Once you’ve established a company account, you can post an ad here and it gets filtered to several other free sites all in one. And…it tells you where, if you are considering a paid site, to maximize your money! Great resource.

Where do you post your ads for free?

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